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Relocation Africa completed 2 years of the Sirdar mentoring program, which essentially converted our business from a craft to an enterprise, with the aim to have an effective board in order to grow our business to become more sustainable, with less risk and better returns.

Although this was successful, we felt we needed to get an industry approved quality seal to confirm our business was strong and successful, and aligned to quality globally. After looking around at our industry, our market, the request for proposals that we were receiving, and the requirements the clients were wanting, we came up with two options; the ISO 9001 process management model, or the Global Quality Seal, which is an accreditation programme specific to our industry. The EuRA Global Quality Seal (EGQS) specifies processes and key performance indicators that reflect the very highest standards in our industry.

As a worldwide member of EuRA, we decided to gain an accreditation that is closely associated to our industry. Relocation Africa Group committed to the process and swiftly appointed two champions for the project within our organisation.  Being at the furthest point in Africa and not having any other businesses on the continent with the EGQS to benchmark against, we decided that this was going to be a good journey for Relocation Africa to put into place the globally accepted practices to run our business.

The full project took us 12 months, as we aimed to do this well, and ensure we “practiced what we preached”. There were many challenges involved with the process, as we have four separate divisions within the Relocation Africa Group, namely: Immigration, Mobility, Research, and International Payroll, and we had to ensure that each division was running in a way that could be monitored, measured and managed in a consistent manner.

We qualified with our EGQS certificate on the 30th of June 2017.

The Global Quality Seal is valid for a period of 2 years, and we will review and update as required, so as to ensure we keep on top of the requirements to remain a leading Mobility Business.

To learn more about the EGQS, visit: https://www.eura-relocation.com/?p=egqs.need.to.know