Kenyan Immigration Update: Introduction of Document Upload Platform and Digitization of Foreigner Registration Appointment Scheduling

The Kenyan Directorate of Immigration Services (DIS) has issued the following updates.

1.    Document Upload Platform


Directive Pursuant to the attached notice, the DIS is currently piloting an online document uploading platform in the eFNS portal to replace the hardcopy deposit of documents.


The digitization process shall also include payments processing and receipting.

Effective Date
  • Pilot ongoing


  • Formal launch to be communicated in due course


Impact on business High


  1. The historical issue of missing files and documents will be eliminated


  1. In the transition phase, delays in the processing of applications should be expected due to system downtime


  1. The application processing time may increase by 3-5 days due to the initial document verification process and allocation of the applications internally (DIS)

2.    Digitization of Foreigner Registration Appointment Scheduling

Directive The scheduling of foreigner registration appointments has been digitized. Applicants are required to book their appointments through the eFNS portal ( with availability being given on a first come first served basis.


While the DIS had previously directed that passport endorsement and foreigner registration should be done at the same time, this will no longer be possible due to the drawn-out appointment dates. Accordingly, passport endorsement shall done as soon as a permit or pass is issued while foreigner registration will be completed at a later stage

Effective Date 28 September 2020
Impact on business Low


Expectations Increased efficiency in the foreigner application process


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Safaricom Provides Communication Support To Kenyan Healthcare Workers And The Ministry Of Health

Following a request by Cabinet Secretary of Health, Mutahi Kagwe, for communication support for the pandemic response teams, Safaricom PLC has agreed to provide communication resources equivalent to 195 terabytes of data, 10 million voice call minutes and 33 million SMSs to critical Government healthcare workers for the next three months.

The initiative, which is part of Safaricom’s commitment to keep the country connected during this period, will see the company avail connectivity resources and airtime to the Ministry of Health, the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund and frontline healthcare workers both at National and County level.

 These resources include:

  1. Monthly Bundle for Frontline Government Healthcare Workers: A monthly bundle consisting of 12GB data + 600 voice call minutes + 2,000 SMSs per month topped up to the individual lines of the COVID-19 frontline workers as identified by the Ministry of Health.
  2. 100 Mbps Internet Connectivity at Afya House for the National Command and Control Centre in this fight to safeguard our health.
  3. COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund Airtime Support: A one-off bundle consisting of 50GB data + 3,500 voice call minutes + 10,000 SMSs to 15 members to assist in the smooth running of the fund activities.

As we face this crisis, seamless worry-free communication between the frontline teams, the Command Centre and their loved ones is crucial. The contribution by Safaricom to support over 5,500 Government healthcare workers will go a long way in helping us execute a coordinated national response.

Hon. Mutahi Kagwe, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Health

The gallant frontline healthcare workers are our first line of defence against the pandemic and their dedication to serving the country has helped slow down infections within our communities. We not only want to appreciate the great work they are doing, but also facilitate their communication as they continue discharging their duties.

Peter Ndegwa, Safaricom PLC Chief Executive Officer

This commitment adds to our ongoing initiatives, currently valued at KES 6.5 billion, to support our customers and the country from the negative impact of the pandemic through interventions in financial services, transport, education and healthcare.

 We are cognizant of the challenge ahead of us and our purpose as an organisation is clear, to keep our customers connected and support Kenyans in whatever way we can.

Peter Ndegwa, Safaricom PLC Chief Executive Officer

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Kenyan Closures of Government Offices and Registries: COVID-19 Update

Following President Kenyatta’s directives on Sunday 15 March 2020 on the coronavirus (COVID-19) interventions, a number of the Government offices and registries have scaled down their operations and in some cases completely shut down.

Please see a high level summary below, courtesy of DLA Piper Africa, IKM Advocates.

Land Offices and Registries

Directorate of Immigration Services (DIS)

Business Registration Service

To read President Kenyatta’s March 15th speech, click here.

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