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Navigating COVID

It’s been a privilege to be challenged with leadership these past 2 years, both at Relocation Africa, as well as personally coaching our kids through their final school years to face the world which has such an unpredictable future.

Many companies who have successfully navigated this period will have more streamlined and efficient processes. The fact that they’re still going is testament to their resilience and their leadership team – and probably their agility too.

Public Holidays

In South Africa we have 12 public holidays and we don’t shift them to a Monday as is the norm in the developed world. This year Good Friday & Easter Monday created the first of many consecutive four day weeks. The 27th April (Freedom Day – celebrating our first democratic election in 1994) is on a Wednesday and Workers Day (1st May – however, as it lands on a Sunday, Unions have ensured that their members don’t miss out on another day off work, so South Africa moves the public holiday to the next Monday) is on the 2nd May, giving us our 4th four day week in a row.

There is a double edged impact to these interruptions. Many businesses struggle to hit their momentum until we are through this unsettled period – did I mention there’s also a holiday on the 21st March – Human Rights Day. There is, however, a real vigour and energy released after the 2nd May as there is a visible and unobstructed runway that is attacked with the pent up energy.

Payroll Services

During the stuttering first quarter of 2022, our Remuneration Division has been building on our African Payroll solution. As COVID wanes we believe that businesses who’ve successfully navigated the pandemic and now are expanding into African markets, will be needing payroll solutions. We have been providing these payroll and payment services since 2002 in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana & Angola, and now our payroll solution covers over 40 African countries.

Recent reporting describes an imminent or current recession in Europe, however the outlook in Africa is much more positive, with aspirational quotes such as “Africa’s economies are leading as a region of resilience with vast potential” which comes from the most recent AVCA report fuelling our excitement for what Africa has in store.

Exciting future

Although Relocation Africa’s forecast horizon is shorter than it has been during the 2010’s due to COVID, Africa’s emergence as an investment opportunity due to government interventions, the very important role NGO’s play across the continent as well as instability across Europe, we see a bright future for Africa.

We look forward to playing our part in stewarding Africa to its rightful place in the global economy.

Relocation Africa Group has added expatriate tax solution to our suite of services. We believe this is a key service for multinational companies who are relocating expatriates to Africa. We are now able to offer advisory services in the expatriate tax and payroll compliance space. We have also added Payroll Advisory services to support multinationals in ensuring compliance throughout their business ventures into Africa.

We are able to help with the following services:


  • Residence analysis and interpretation
  • Cross border advisory: interpretation of Double Taxation Agreements
  • Non-resident employer obligations
  • Assignment structuring – optimisation of elements of pay
  • International Assignment Policy drafting and implementation


  • Tax gross up calculations
  • Monthly PAYE, SDL, UIF calculations
  • Tax equalisation settlement calculations
  • Assignment cost projection calculations



  • Non-resident employer – branch registration for PAYE, SDL, UIF
  • Registration as individual taxpayer with SARS
  • Provisional tax registration – advice and recommendations


  • Collation of information to prepare a tax return
  • Review IRP5 certificate
  • Resident/non-resident basis of filing
  • Preparation and submission of return
  • Review of tax assessment
  • Incorrect assessment: objection and appeal process

For more information about our new division, and the Expatriate Tax services we can help you with, click here.

For information as to how Relocation Africa can help you with your Mobility, Immigration, Research, Remuneration, and Expat Tax needs, email marketing@relocationafrica.com, or call us on +27 21 763 4240.

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