Tourist Safety Tips for South Africa

South Africa is a country filled with natural beauty, cultural diversity, and interesting history. As a result , it is popular tourist destination.

While South Africa may be stable politically, compared to some other African countries, it does have a relatively high level of crime, especially in certain areas. Control Risks Group Limited recently released statistics for kidnapping around the globe, and Southern Africa is certainly not free from these incidents. Before you visit, it is a good idea to take a look at your government’s travel advisory notices online (if there are any), so that you know what to avoid.

It is important to be cautious, and remember the general safety tips that are given to many visitors (and locals). We’ve included some below for you.

  1. When possible, avoid displaying lots of jewelry, and carrying valuables in your hands. Try not to speak on your phone while you are walking around outside.
  2. If you leave items in your car, put them in the glove compartment or trunk, and always remember to lock your car.
  3. Park in a well lit, preferably guarded, place. Companies such as Interpark run paid parking buildings in CBD areas.
  4. When you are waiting at traffic lights, be aware of your surroundings, and leave enough space to move your car should you be approached and feel uncomfortable.
  5. When walking around, especially at night, it is advisable to have other people with you. This is especially true if you decide to go hiking.
  6. Remember emergency numbers, or save them on your phone. The national emergency line is 10111 for police, and 10177 for ambulances. 112 can also be called from any cell phone in SA for an emergency call center.

We have included some travel advisory pages for a number of countries below.

So long as you keep these tips in mind, South Africa will offer you a unique, enriching experience. The country has a rich history, and many famous attractions to visit, as well as a diverse culture in which to participate while you are here.


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