What Makes South Africa Perfect as a Relocation Destination?

This guest article was written by Howard Baker.

South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and a popular choice for many expats. It is therefore not surprising to see people from other countries in South Africa. 

If you ask anybody living there why it’s such a great idea to relocate, they would rattle off a long list of pros without breaking sweat or skipping a beat. 

This is because the country’s aesthetic appeal is so great that a lot of visitors end up staying longer than they intended, and some even settle permanently. 

Some of the attractions that can be found in South Africa are unique to the country and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. 

If you’re looking for convincing perks to help you make up your mind on whether to move or not, here are some reasons.

The Landscape 

South Africa offers a highly diverse landscape. It is, therefore, no wonder that it is referred to as “A World in One Country” now and again. 

Given that the country boasts of 2,500 kilometers of coastline that stretches all the way from Namibia and the Atlantic Ocean, goes around Cape Agulhas, precisely the tip of Africa where it becomes the Indian Ocean and then further up to where Mozambique’s border is found, it does deserve to be called that. 

There is the Kalahari Desert just on the borders of Botswana and Namibia where temperatures often go as high as 40 C (105 F). 

In contrast, just in the middle of the country, you would find the Drakensberg which is an impressive range of mountains that tower at about 3,500 meters and are usually covered in snow. 

The landscape also features a rolling green hills, as well as lush farmland, amongst others. 


South Africans are known world-round for their friendliness and this is perhaps one of the most striking things you would notice on your arrival.  Expect to be welcomed warmly with arms wide open. 

Furthermore, they would bring you up to date on what living in South Africa is like, the pluses and the minuses, the pros and the cons. Just like any other country, you would have to be security-conscious here as well. 

The country overall is peaceful, however crime is a concern, so you should remain vigilant and aware at all times.

The Lifestyle 

Whether you are visiting or planning to relocate to South Africa, one guarantee that is unshakeable is the fact that the lifestyle there is amazing. 

Housing is of world-class standard and if you’re relocating, and while private education may be expensive, the quality is excellent. 

Since South Africa houses so many different nationalities, you can easily deduce that the culture would be diverse. The various cultures can be found in the styles of housing, cuisine, events, and traditions.

South Africans are known for maximizing their leisure time which is often spent working out, socializing with friends and family, spending time outdoors, as well as other pleasurable activities. 

The people are gracious hosts and if you get an invite for Sunday lunchtime braai, rest assured that you might be staying well into the evening. 


If you’re moving from a very busy city where your constant sights were buildings and people with little or no nature, South Africa offers a major change. Seeing wildlife up close is definitely one bit that anyone moving to South Africa looks forward to. There are many national parks and nature reserves to visit, within close proximity to major cities.

The country boasts of several game parks with the most popular being the Kruger National Park. You can check out both government-owned and private parks, with the promise of hospitality that South Africa is so well-known for. 

Similarly, the flora is not left out and is very appealing to the eye. With up to 22,000 indigenous plants from about 230 different families, South Africa boasts of being home to 10% of flowering species in the world.

If you want to see some particular beautiful and well-kept indigenous flowers, then you should pay a visit to the Western Cape, which usually sees a lot of visitors coming to check out the sights. 

The Weather 

The weather in South Africa is just amazing!  The country had a great climate with the sun shining through in spring, summer, autumn and winter. 

Sometimes, temperatures go as high as 37 C (100 F) during the day in certain places, however, does come significantly down at night.

Eastern Cape and the KwaZulu-Natal Midland sometimes experience cold winter nights, however, by morning, the temperature will have risen considerably. 

For living in South Africa in the winter, you might be needing some extra clothing layers, however snow is not a challenge anywhere. 

Slower Pace

The pace of living is very much lower than most cities in the world. This does not however imply that it is altogether slow. 

Durban is considered to be the slowest in terms of pace of life, followed by Cape Town, and then Johannesburg as the most busy. However, Cape Town has the worst traffic.

In South Africa, you would need to be very patient particularly when it comes to how time is regarded there.

The Food 

If you’re a fan of great food and exquisite wines, South Africa offers only the best. 

The legendary status of South African wines is common knowledge and there are several wonderful restaurants to explore. 

Some restaurants in Johannesburg and the Cape would definitely boast about Michelin stars if stars were awarded in Africa. 

Indigenous foods such as boerewors, bunny chow, Chakalaka, and chutney are also worth having a taste of, and you might just find yourself falling in love with them. 

The Bottom Line 

Learning facts about Africa is a great way to start your education if you intend to relocate. You would adjust better and not feel like a stranger for so long. 

Furthermore, you’re bound to have an incredible time, so, just relax and go with the flow.


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