Why a Human-Focused Workplace Is a Happier Workplace

A workplace that focuses on humanity is a powerful motivator and business driver. It calls for leaders that care about their employees’ well-being, happiness and success, and employees that feel recognized and appreciated for their contributions to a company.

These key practices and behaviors that inspire positive employee behavior and deliver improved business results, are the focus of a new employee survey from our WorkHuman Research Institute. The survey results provide a blueprint for workplace practices that deliver greater employee happiness and higher retention. In particular the survey highlights one crucial finding: companies on the vanguard of creating a more human workplace stand to reap significant rewards in terms of people metrics and return on investment.

To more successfully build the human workplace, employee recognition must be at the forefront. Surprisingly, our survey found that 40 percent of employees have not been recognized by their respective company leaders in the past month. That number is far too high. While employees seem happy at work, we know more is needed to better engage the workforce and produce a sense of well-being, trust, optimism, and confidence that can propel a company’s culture forward.