Why Freight And Logistics Companies Make Such a Killing In Africa

Most sub-Saharan Africa countries including Nigeria do not own their own shipping fleets, putting them at the mercy of foreign shipping companies.
Nigeria is working towards creating an enabling environment for public-private partnerships in transport through new policies, legislation and institutional frameworks that support improved trade, according to a report in the NationalMirror.
The CEO of the Nigerian Shipping Council appealed to the governments and people of sub-Sahara to invest in ship building and vessel ownership to promote international trade.
This will help improve connectivity and lower the cost of African transport, said Hassan Bello, CEO of the Nigerian Shippers Council.
“A new premium is being placed on being able to move goods from A to B rapidly, reliably, and cheaply,” Bello said. “Being able to connect to what has been referred to as the ‘physical Internet’ is fast becoming a key determinant of a country’s competitiveness.”
Here’s an idea of how much poor transportation connectivity coats sub-Saharan African countries compared to developed economies.