3 Reasons Why Studying Abroad Brings Significant Career Benefits

employment-important1456830068091Studying abroad comes with at least three benefits: social and intercultural competencies as well as other employability related soft skills which are important in a work environment.
There are some great benefits that come with studying abroad but students need to learn how to harness these exceptional outcomes from their experiences abroad to perfectly fit into their career paths.

A study seeking to investigate the effect of mobility on skills and institutional development, employability, and the internationalization of higher education institutions in Europe has reported that students who study abroad are better placed in terms of finding a job after graduation than those who don’t.

In addition to gaining employability skills, the research, Erasmus Impact Study (EIS) also indicates that more than 90% of international students reported an improvement in their soft skills including their ability to interact and work with individuals from different cultures, communications skills, adaptability and foreign language proficiency.

Here are some of the reasons why taking that overseas training, or internship could boost your chances of becoming a better employee in the future.
International Experience

The EIS notes that “effects of mobility on the skills and employability of students and the internationalization of higher education institutions finds that internationally mobile students are half as likely to experience long-term unemployment compared with those who have not studied or trained abroad and that, five years after graduation, their unemployment rate is 23% lower.”

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