7 keys to attracting, retaining talent

Cape Town – There are seven keys to attracting and retaining talent, according to the latest research by ManpowerGroup Solutions, an international company offering outsourcing services for large-scale recruiting and workforce-intensive initiatives.talent

The seven keys are:

Be candidate driven

Effective recruiting in a global environment means tailoring the message by country and customising the technology to the generation.

Improve on-boarding for Gen Y hires

If companies want to retain the Gen Y hires, employers must improve the on-boarding process. Normally reactive managers, focused on filling empty positions, need to properly get the new hires up to speed, set the expectations and clearly identify the path for advancement.

Otherwise, capable new hires may defect to companies promising a shorter, clearer pathway or higher compensation levels. Gen Y is a generation that will not stick around to receive a gold watch at their 20th anniversary.

Good recruiting practices outweigh self-reliance

Candidates will respond to recruiters if the opportunities are customised and tailored to their interests. Good recruiting practices include broad data mining to identify candidates with the right skills, yet there is no substitute for doing one’s homework.