7 Sierra Leone gems

Sierra Leone gets a lot of negative attention. Whether it’s civil conflict, or an outbreak of Ebola, the country seems to constantly fighting negative attention. The truth, however, is that Sierra Leone is a fascinating and beautiful country with lots to offer visitors.


Nearly all Sierra Leonean adventures start in Freetown. The city can be frantic, and intense, but beneath it all there is a sheer beauty to chaos and a great food scene to go along with it.

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary:

Tacugama is one of the premiere primate sanctuaries in West Africa. They rehabilitate rescued chimpanzees with the goal of delivering them back to nature. Within the park, the beautiful primates enjoy massive enclosures and fantastic care. Visitors can tour the property and get a close look at these beautiful animals.

No. 2 River:

The coast of Sierra Leone is among the most beautiful in all of Africa, and it’s still extremely underdeveloped.