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What is DE&I?


DE&I is any policy or practice implemented in the workplace to ensure that people from various backgrounds feel welcomed, supported, and able to reach their fullest potential in their respective area of work.

Diversity is the presence, acknowledgement, and celebration of differences within a given setting. Diversity in the workplace can look like having a staff that is diverse in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, and socioeconomic class.

Equity is the practice of ensuring that policies, culture, and programs are fair and impartial. The implementation of Equity in the workplace enables all employees to have equal possible outcomes, without discrimination or favouritism.

Inclusion in the workplace allows people to feel a sense of belonging. Having a work environment in which inclusivity is implemented means that every employee feels comfortable, supported, and accepted by the organisation to be their authentic selves.

DE&I is a principle that acknowledges the significance of a diverse and dynamic team and emphasizes inclusivity and employee well-being as central facets of success. To bring those values to life, companies must implement programs and initiatives that actively make their offices more diverse, equitable and inclusive spaces.


Relocation Africa’s DE &I Journey in Recent Years


South Africa, as beautiful as it is, is a country still troubled by the legacy of exclusion and discrimination. The country has progressed and established laws and regulations that assists previously disadvantaged populations and promotes equality in all areas of life. As a proudly South African company, Relocation Africa recognises our responsibility to implement these important practices in our workplace.

Our approach to DE&I is holistic and all encompassing as we recognise the intersectionality of our staff’s identities. We view DE&I not just as compliance focused where we simply tick the necessary boxes and call it a day.  Rather, we understand DE&I on a much deeper level and recognise that is a requirement upon businesses that will ultimately impact the society in which we all live and love.

The Covid-19 pandemic left a lasting mark on societies across the world. Affecting people and populations in different ways, businesses too, were left with no choice but to re-assess and become adaptive.

In response to the pandemic, Relocation Africa stayed true to our mission and promise of embracing the unknown. In our Head office in particular, we implemented a monthly wellness check-in, wherein we created a safe space to facilitate some uncomfortable conversations. These monthly wellness check-ins laid the foundations of our DE&I responsibility and allowed for our employees to feel comfortable. It provided them with a sense of belonging and community and gave them the necessary room to be their authentic selves.

At Relocation Africa we recognise that DE&I is a cultural change which takes time, education, and substantial leadership to achieve. We train our internal staff and external consultants on topics such as Unconscious Bias with the objective to unlearn any prejudices we unknowingly held. These workshops provide safe spaces to get comfortable and be honest, without the feeling or fear of judgement.  These have led to a deeper cultural sensitivity in the workplace and helps when dealing with our clients from differing cultures.

With D E&I as a priority, our head office also adopted a more flexible working environment and culture for our team. Although covid is now, in 2024,  a thought that passes unentertained for many of us, we still maintain this same flexibility. We recognise the differing backgrounds of our staff, many of whom are mothers to young children or live far from the office. To ensure the workplace is pleasant and comfortable for all, we have implemented different working hours and even a hybrid working environment. This way, we ensure that our business practices are not only DE&I adhesive, but also accommodates for all members of our team in a manner that is convenient and comfortable.


Why Should DE&I be Implemented in the Workplace?


The DE&I initiative is crucial to creating a wholesome work culture in which every member feels valued. Diversity in the workplace brings about fresh perspectives, equity allows for all groups of people to equally participate in the workplace, while inclusion is important for retention as it allows employees to feel valued and appreciated. Overall, DE&I helps to improve employee morale, promotes business ethics, and perpetuates creative problem-solving and innovation.

A company’s identity is derived from its culture. A company’s culture affects everything from employee performance to employee retention rates and loyalty.

DE&I is a principle that, if not implemented at every level of the company and every department, is not being properly practiced, and this will inevitably reflect in the company’s culture. When implemented correctly, DE&I induces cohesiveness among employees and a healthy work environment. With a diverse, equal, and valued workforce, it is undeniable that a business increases its chances of success.


Benefits of DE&I in the workplace

  • Diverse workplaces are more innovative.
  • DE&I enhances and preserves company culture.
  • Higher employee retention and lower turnover.
  • Equity and Inclusion combats workplace burnout.
  • DEI creates a sense of belonging for all employees.
  • Inclusion improves business decision-making processes.
  • Companies are able to reach a more extensive talent pool.
  • Diverse workplace teams are much more likely to perform better financially.


Relocation Africa takes pride in our efforts that we’ve exerted over the past years to implement DE&I in all areas of business. We acknowledge it not merely as a concept, but recognise it as something for which we must take responsibility. Our journey with D,E&I is one that requires the involvement of all stakeholders, as we continue to learn and grow in this field.


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