Department of Home Affairs: Temporary Residence Visa update


The Department of Home Affairs has a huge backlog with regards to most temporary residence visa applications submitted in South Africa and many applications have been pending for more than six months. The Department of Home Affairs has not provided any reasons for the backlog, but we can only assume that it is a result of staff shortages, staff shuffling, new adjudication procedures, investigations, etc.


The Department of Home Affairs has issued a new Circular with concessions, described as follows.


All long term temporary residence visa holders, have an automatic extension until 31 March 2023, provided that they have a long term temporary residence visa application pending and their existing visa has subsequently expired. They are also allowed to travel out of South Africa with the visa application receipt, until 31 March 2023, without being penalized. However, in instances where one is not visa exempt, one would require a visa in order to return to South Africa.


The backlog continues to increase and no information is being offered, with regards to what measures will be implemented to alleviate same.