We support high-tech to enhance the assignee experience for destination services


We support high-tech to enhance the assignee experience for destination services 

We live in a fast-changing world of technology and in the global mobility space our clients are looking for solutions that support their assignee population alongside the hand holding support of destination service providers like Relocation Africa.   We have partnered with a technology partner that offers an intuitive, centralised platform offering real-time insights and host location information at the assignee’s finger tips. Moving away from emails back and forth and PDF documents. Having all this centralised improves efficiencies and streamlines communication between Global Mobility, HR, Assignee, and the provider.   The tool is user friendly that liberates our teams from manual and repetitive data handling. 

The tool is a partnership which means that the technology continues to evolve with the multitude of other clients who utilise the same technology but due to its customisable attributes to each country, city, client, and assignee’s profile it feels like a bespoke tool just designed us. 

Relocating talent to all parts of the globe requires a new sense of providing solutions that allow 24/7 access online
– we cover that!


The technology solution brings an elevated user experience to its clients and their relocating employees, helping them to access information at their fingertips, whenever they want it, helping them to settle into their new location with less hassle and more efficiency. 







The digital environment offers high-tech service through a mobile-friendly, digital friendly digital platform connecting the assignee, the internal account management team, and the client seamlessly. 

It empowers the assignee to experience real-time insights into the status of each service. 

 The tool offers a single, organised solution to access essential host location information that is customised to the Country, City, CompanyCompany, and Assignee’s unique requirements such as city guides, tours, home searches, schooling requirements, and local knowledge and processes. It also safeguards all the communications and personal information in a secure and compliant environment. 



With our expert guidance from a dedicated team both at the office and on the ground the support of the high-tech tool brings the collaboration together seamlessly allowing each contributor to monitor milestones throughout the entire delivery of services. It also provides for seamless communication.  




The tool is available to assignees in Africa through Relocation Africa. We can offer services which include: 

  • Virtual Tours (great for graduate programs)
  • Immigration 
  • School Search 
  • House Search 
  • Settling in / and Departure Services 

If you have assignees in other parts of the world there are other businesses who support this tool contact marketing@relocationafrica.com for more information.