Do You Have Relocation Depression?

For many people, moving feels like an adventure. They start fresh and explore new opportunities. They upgrade into a bigger home or relocate for a better job. And they can meet new people and build lasting relationships.

But for some, moving brings a lot anxiety, stress, and even depression. They have to say goodbye to family and friends. They have to tear up their roots and move to an unfamiliar neighborhood. And they have to adjust to a different language, culture, or lifestyle.senior_downsizing

While you can certainly feel a little sad and nostalgic about moving, you shouldn’t ignore any lasting feelings of depression after a move.

Signs You Have Depression
Many people confuse depression with general sadness about a situation. However, sadness makes up one factor of overall depression. Some people who experience depression don’t even feel sad, but rather they experience a loss of interest, difficulty concentrating, and being distracted.