Ghana: Additional Requirements Imposed for Oil and Gas Sector Work Permits

Employers of work permit applicants in the oil and gas sector must now pay a USD 100 administrative fee for work permit applications. Employees’ application materials must now also be emailed to the Petroleum Commission, according to a new policy implemented by the Commission.

Ghana Investment - Oil and Gas

Ghana Investment – Oil and Gas

Administrative Fee Details

The fee implemented by the Petroleum Commission – a statutory body involved in the work permit approval process for foreign nationals in the oil and gas sector – is meant to recover the costs of processing initial, renewal and appeals applications. Employers of foreign workers in the oil and gas sector should submit their payment following the below requirements to comply with the new policy:

• Submit a bank check at one of the Petroleum Commission’s offices with each work permit application; and
• Submit a cover letter on the host company’s letterhead referring to the payment and listing the assignee’s details, such as full name, passport number, nationality and birth date of each applicant.