GHANA (Country risk rating: Medium); 1 June; Taxi drivers’ strike to affect Accra – Red24

Members of the Ghana Committed Drivers Association are expected to embark upon a taxi drivers’ strike in Ghana’s capital, Accra, on 1 June. Taxi drivers are expected to embark upon the strike action in response to new directives issued by the Driver and Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA); these state that only commercial vehicles with safety belts are eligible to be registered and granted roadworthy statuses. The strike is likely to result in increased congestion and an increased demand for alternative forms of transport. Furthermore, protest-related gatherings may accompany the strike action. Should demonstrations take place, the possibility of confrontations between police and protesters cannot be discounted. Persons in Accra are advised to monitor local media for updates regarding the strike. Clients are advised to avoid all street protests as a standard precaution. Localised travel disruptions should be anticipated.