LIBYA (Country risk rating: Extreme); 31 May; Casualties reported in bomb attack in Dafniya – Red24

A suicide bombing in Libya‘s north eastern town of Dafniya earlier on 31 May left five people dead and eight wounded. The attacker reportedly drove his explosive-laden vehicle into the primary security checkpoint on the main road leading from the town to the city of Misrata. The attack has been claimed by the Islamic State (IS) militant group. Elsewhere in the country, IS-aligned fighters reportedly captured the airport in the northern city of Sirte on 29 May, after forces loyal to the Tripoli-based General National Congress (GNC) legislature, which is not recognised by the international community, fled the facility following several days of fighting. Libya is currently divided between rival armed groupings, Operation Dawn and Operation Dignity, which are in turn, loyal to two rival legislatures, the Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR) and Tripoli-based GNC. Operation Dawn forces maintain control of Tripoli, while Operation Dignity forces have made increasing gains in eastern Libya around Benghazi. The security environment has been further complicated and undermined by increased IS activity in recent months. IS is opposed to both the HoR and GNC, and has carried out attacks countrywide. The instability and insecurity are expected to persist in the short- to medium-term, at least. Clients are advised against all travel to Libya. Persons operating in Libya are advised to adopt stringent security measures, obtain regular risk assessments from their security provider and ensure that contingency plans are regularly reviewed and updated.