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Global Representative Nomination For EuRa

EuRa Global Representative Nomination

As a proud member of EuRA, I am excited by the inclusion of a Global representative to the EuRA Executive Group, and since 1993 I’ve been running a business providing mobility services across Africa and have been chipping away at including the voice from developing destinations into the industry.

Relocation Africa’s Footprint

Our footprint is Africa – the entire continent – where we’ve been overcoming challenges and providing award-winning services to the global mobility industry for nearly 30 years. Relocating between 1st world locations is almost administrative – tossing an African city into the mix brings exciting challenges that we’ve been dealing with daily and I believe this gives me a unique set of skills and experience EuRA’s new global focus would benefit from.

The First Global Representative Of The EuRa Group

I’m honored to have been nominated for the position as the first global representative of the EuRA executive group – historically all positions have been held by European representatives.

Having served as the President of TIRA (The International Relocation Association) for a number of years, I understand the value that diversity brings to an organisation and I’ll make sure that the voice of the Global members is brought to the table, especially bringing diverse ideas and experiences into the discussions for the benefit of all EuRA members.

Bringing Diverse And Unique Relocation Perspectives

I believe that having the opportunity to bring in diverse and unique perspectives from outside the standard “gene-pool”, allows for a more robust and resilient outcome.

The ‘developing world’ has so much to bring to the table but seldom has the opportunity.

For example…

Do you know that the richest man ever to have lived (equalising to current values) is Emperor Mansa Musa from Mali in west Africa – he ruled in the 1300’s and traded in salt & gold and he is credited for funding and encouraging literature, education, architecture, and the arts.

His wealth was valued at $400bil – more than double the current richest man’s wealth.

Sustainability And Relocation

It may be because I’m a child of Africa, being born in what is now Zimbabwe, but I feel deeply rooted in nature, and during COVID, I immersed myself in my greatest passion – sustainability.

I currently proudly sit on the sustainability advisory board for Worldwide ERC.

This allows me to be a vocal proponent of entrenching sustainability within the global mobility industry at all levels. And yes, I am fully aware that this is not a sprint but rather a marathon, however I believe it is important to bring these conversations into the board discussions.

During my time I have helped develop and facilitate a sustainability course which guides members of the mobility industry on incorporating sustainability across their businesses.

I have also experienced the benefits of how radical collaboration accelerates sustainability from a trip I took to Rwanda on 2021. You can view the full story on our YouTube page.

Why Your Vote For The Position Matters

As Africans we’re facing challenges daily – from reliable electricity or safety & security issues , right through to educating expatriates on transitioning seamlessly into our environment – and I therefor believe that I would bring a unique skill-set to the board in this new global board position.

All full member’s of Eura have one vote for each of the 5 regions. They are:

Voting is between the 2nd and 9th of January 2023, and even if you are on holiday, please exercise your vote by clicking below:

Eura Voting Platform Link.

If you would like to hear more on this, please don’t hesitate to contact me at rene@relocationafrica.com.


Wishing you all a great start to 2023.

Kind regards
René Stegmann