Home Affairs gets tough on expired visas

Immigration - Animal SquareThe Committee is responding to the fact that it is the Minister’s opinion that fines on foreigners who overstay their welcome were not serving as a sufficient deterrent to cease the regular practice of non-residents to continue their stay beyond the expiry date of their visa.

Troublesome clause
Section 30 of the 2002 Immigration Act has already been amended a couple of times regarding either the wording itself, which has not stood up in court, or, in the opinion of the DHA is now insufficient in itself as a deterrent to the practice.
The wording of the last amendment had led to various interpretations and to quote the government gazette on the issue, “some holding the view that a foreigner must overstay a number of times to be declared undesirable while others hold the view that one instance of overstaying would result in a declaration of undesirable.”