Three-month extension for Lesotho nationals to get legal in South Africa

So far‚ close to 40‚000 applications have been received. However‚ an estimated 400‚000 Basotho are believed to be living in South Africa.

The last day for applications was 30 June 2016. The date has now been extended by three months to 30 September 2016.

The department said in a statement on Tuesday that the request for an extension was among the recommendations made at the Consultation of Directors-General of Home Affairs held in Maseru on June 1.

“The extension to the end of September will assist in mitigating challenges making it difficult for people to seize the opportunity to regularise their stay in South Africa‚ but we urge people to apply without any further delay‚” Minister Gigaba said.

Not all Lesotho citizens have Lesotho identity documents. Some applicants are battling to provide the required documents while others fear arrest relating to the amnesty process. Access and connectivity for applicants have also posed a challenge since registration is online‚ the department said.