Let’s Talk Retaining Talent & Global Mobility


As Relocation Africa dive deeper into Talent Retention & Acquisition, we have noticed a marked trend in global talent mobility. 

In fact, it has been mentioned that the 2020’s could be a decade of greater global talent mobility despite the opportunities hampered by COVID. 

We have noticed that international travel restrictions are no longer playing a major factor for global talent mobility and nations, popular with expats are seeing a resurgence. 

A report in the Harvard Business Review states that it has in fact been easier for skilled talent to relocate to many places abroad, according to an analysis carried out by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). 

BSG analysed the world’s ten most popular destination countries and found that with two exceptions – the US and China, that many countries have now put the legal framework in place to hire and relocate global talent at a cost and speed that is comparable with hiring domestically. 

Many countries like Germany, France, Spain, and the UK are continuing to attract skilled workers through their points-based visa systems. 

Access to talent has become the number one growth constraint for firms accelerating out of the Covid-19 Crisis. Senior executives are willing to build more globally diverse teams which they see as an opportunity for innovation and growth. 

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