“My life is on standstill thanks to Home Affairs”

Luzuko Gijana (27) from Cofimvaba Magwala Village near Queenstown recently found out that someone else was using his name, surname and identification number.

He said he went to Home Affairs in Cofimvaba, who confirmed that there was another Luzuko Gijana with the same date of birth and ID number. The other Luzuko Gijana lives in Libode just outside Mthatha.

Gijana said the officials at Home Affairs in Cofimvaba advised him to apply for another ID which he did last year July but it never came back. He said he went back again after two months but was again advised to apply for another ID.

Department of Home Affairs in Cofimvaba has called people to visit their offices to fix their duplication identification books. This comes after GroundUp sent a media inquiry regarding a Cofimvaba man who’s been waiting months for Home Affairs to fix his duplicate ID.