New Product – Relocation Africa – Diversity Training “The Power of Difference”

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Relocation Africa has been in the business of assisting global corporates to relocate their employees into Africa for 23 years. They are an owner-managed business that has been able to adapt to market and client requirements over the years, while building a solid reputation based on quality of service. Their service offering began in 1993 in Johannesburg; assisting corporates to settle their staff into the city. Since then they have taken on the challenges that the rest of Africa has to offer and now deliver mobility, immigration, research and remuneration services to countries right across the Continent.

They are an independent business specialising in global relocation solutions, providing a central point of contact for HR teams and assignees throughout the relocation process working transparently and collaboratively in all areas.

Our Vision

‘to provide seamless professional destination services to enable expatriates to

be effective employees as soon as possible’

and Our Promise:

Helping your employees to ‘Embrace the Unknown’


In 23 years of experience as a Global Mobility Specialist, Relocation Africa has seen at first hand the many pitfalls of relocating staff that are not equipped to handle their assignments successfully. In every case, the decisions taken by large multi-national companies, affect people and can directly influence the success of the business.
In identifying this they have carefully reviewed what Relocation Africa as a business could do to facilitate and positively influence the successful experience of the assignee and thereby the bottom line of the business.

It is for this reason that Relocation Africa, in collaboration with a couple of expert friends, has designed a programme which they believe will facilitate the commitment from the business towards the employee whose life is about to be changed and challenged, as well as provide assignees with some invaluable tools on how to cope, manage and implement strategies to best utilise what we have termed “The Power of Difference” to benefit them as individuals and the business as a whole.


Knowing the difference can be quite useful.  It can give you a sense of how you’re supposed to act in a foreign setting, especially when you have no idea where to start. It can also help you understand why others from a different culture behave as they do. But in our experience, the mistake many companies make is thinking that knowing cultural differences is enough — that discovering the key differences is all you need to master to be effective across cultures.

If the problem your employees face is that they simply don’t understand cultural differences, a solution focused on defining cultural differences makes all the sense in the world. But if, like in most instances, the real problem is that your employees can’t adapt and integrate their behavior across cultures, these solutions focused simply on differences likely won’t give you the bang for your buck that you’re expecting.

Our program will cover the following over 3 days:

  • The Power of Difference
  • Intercultural SkillsPower of Difference www and head
  • Your Host Nation
  • Your Home Nation
  • Culture Shock
  • Using Cultural Differences as a means of positive personal growth
  • Diversity Management
  • Dealing with differences constructively
  • Aspects you need to know
  • Tools to overcome it and develop further

Our Diversity Coaches are:

Dr. Layo Seriki – CIELARKO International Management Consultants. Her work as a researcher, university lecturer, consultant, trainer and coach concentrates on identifying what is needed to optimise the performance of people, especially in the African context. In over 15 years as a consultant she has worked with multinationals, NGOs and individuals in Africa, Europe and North America.

With a background in Industrial Engineering, Layo endeavours to create links between structural frameworks and human needs.

Eloise Williams –  Account Manager at RELOCATION AFRICA and works as project manager, cultural trainer, language trainer and translator. She is also a qualified corporate coach who specialises in providing support to assignees from all over the world to overcome and manage cultural differences to their advantage. Eloise has herself lived and worked as an expatriate in many different countries and cultures over the past 20 years and her practical experience is a natural complement to Layo’s expertise. She is passionate about language and communication and facilitating these across language and cultural barriers.

For more information on “The Power of Difference” training please contact us or +27217634240.