Relocating a child with special educational needs

4194_relocating-a-child-with-special-educational-needs_2251_t12Rebecca Marriage takes a look at recent changes to provision for special educational needs in England, and suggests points to consider when helping a family to make an international relocation with a child with special needs.

Parents of children with special educational needs (SEN) often have to battle to get the support they need for their child. When moving between areas in the UK, the process becomes even more challenging. The UK government recognises this, and is updating its system of support in England.

For families moving overseas, the situation becomes even more uncertain, with little to no regulation and consistency of integrated support in some international schools.

According to recent statistics, more than a fifth of children in England have some form of special educational need. The government considers children to have SEN if they have a learning difficulty that calls for special educational provision to be made for them. All state schools in England are required by law to ensure that help is provided for children with SEN, and every local authority has a responsibility to support the children living in its area.