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Angolan Exemption Permit Project Information

The following has been confirmed with the South African Department of Home Affairs:

  • If a foreign national is currently in possession of an Angolan cessation permit, or Angolan special permit, they may apply for the new Angolan exemption permit.
  • If a foreign national currently has no status, but had valid refugee status or an asylum seeker permit which was issued prior to 31 August 2013, they may apply for the new Angolan exemption permit, but the fact that they currently have no legal status, will be investigated.
  • If a foreign national currently has a valid or pending mainstream temporary residence visa (a normal temporary residence visa such as relative visa, work visa, study visa, etc.), they may not apply for the new Angolan exemption permit.
  • The new permits will be issued for an indefinite duration.
  • Once the main applicant is in possession of the new Angolan exemption permit, their family members may apply for mainstream temporary residence visas.


MOZAMIBIQUE | DIRE Residency Document No Longer Required for New Foreign Hires
Effective immediately, foreign nationals entering Mozambique with a work visa will no longer be required to obtain an Identification and Residency Document for Foreigners (DIRE). Instead, their work visas will be extended up to one year based on the length their employment contracts.

This change only affects new hires going forward. Current DIRE holders will continue to use their DIRE until their current work visa expires. Also note that this change only applies to the work visa holder, and dependent family members of work visa holders are still required to obtain a DIRE.


SOUTH AFRICA & ANGOLA | New Reciprocal Visa Waiver
Effective December 1, the South African Department of Home Affairs (DHA) will implement a reciprocal visa waiver for Angolan citizens for stays of up to 30, to a maximum of 90 days per year. Angolan passport holders will no longer require Port of Entry Visas in advance of travel to South Africa for the purposes of general business, tourism, or family visits and will be issued a 30-day Visitor’s Visa at the Port of Entry upon arrival in South Africa. Reciprocally, Angolan authorities are expected to no longer require visas for South African citizens to enter Angola for the same purposes and periods of stay.

Note, however, that this visa waiver does not include visits for the purposes of work, study, or self-employment. Angolan nationals who are conducting short-term work in South Africa are still required to obtain a Port of Entry Visa with authorization to conduct work under Section 11(2) of the Immigration Act prior to travel. These may be applied for at the VFS Visa Application Centers of the South African Embassy in Angola or at the appropriate South African overseas diplomatic missions for Angolan citizens residing abroad.