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We support high-tech to enhance the assignee experience for destination services 

We live in a fast-changing world of technology and in the global mobility space our clients are looking for solutions that support their assignee population alongside the hand holding support of destination service providers like Relocation Africa.   We have partnered with a technology partner that offers an intuitive, centralised platform offering real-time insights and host location information at the assignee’s finger tips. Moving away from emails back and forth and PDF documents. Having all this centralised improves efficiencies and streamlines communication between Global Mobility, HR, Assignee, and the provider.   The tool is user friendly that liberates our teams from manual and repetitive data handling. 

The tool is a partnership which means that the technology continues to evolve with the multitude of other clients who utilise the same technology but due to its customisable attributes to each country, city, client, and assignee’s profile it feels like a bespoke tool just designed us. 

Relocating talent to all parts of the globe requires a new sense of providing solutions that allow 24/7 access online
– we cover that!


The technology solution brings an elevated user experience to its clients and their relocating employees, helping them to access information at their fingertips, whenever they want it, helping them to settle into their new location with less hassle and more efficiency. 







The digital environment offers high-tech service through a mobile-friendly, digital friendly digital platform connecting the assignee, the internal account management team, and the client seamlessly. 

It empowers the assignee to experience real-time insights into the status of each service. 

 The tool offers a single, organised solution to access essential host location information that is customised to the Country, City, CompanyCompany, and Assignee’s unique requirements such as city guides, tours, home searches, schooling requirements, and local knowledge and processes. It also safeguards all the communications and personal information in a secure and compliant environment. 



With our expert guidance from a dedicated team both at the office and on the ground the support of the high-tech tool brings the collaboration together seamlessly allowing each contributor to monitor milestones throughout the entire delivery of services. It also provides for seamless communication.  




The tool is available to assignees in Africa through Relocation Africa. We can offer services which include: 

  • Virtual Tours (great for graduate programs)
  • Immigration 
  • School Search 
  • House Search 
  • Settling in / and Departure Services 

If you have assignees in other parts of the world there are other businesses who support this tool contact marketing@relocationafrica.com for more information. 


Digital talent in Africa are exploring new opportunities and destinations. 73 percent will switch roles to advance their careers, compared to 63 percent globally*, putting them at the forefront of the emerging ‘great resignation’ trend.

This result gained from a survey of almost 10,000 employees in digital roles – part of BCG’s Decoding Global Talent series and https://www.the-network.com/


“Workers in digital roles emerged from the COVID-19 crisis relatively unscathed and as companies across all industries digitise, they are more in demand than ever,” says Rudi van Blerk, Principal and Recruiting Director at Boston Consulting Group, Johannesburg.

“This willingness to relocate is in stark contrast with the trend of decreasing mobility both globally with digital talent and with South Africans in a BCG study in March last year,” says van Blerk.

It was found that the most valued aspect of a digital employee’s job in Africa is a good work-life balance.

“Digital talent in Africa have shown that they are very open to working remotely for a foreign employer because it offers opportunities for workers to advance their careers even with international companies without needing to relocate,” says van Blerk.

Business sustainability, inclusion and environmental issues have significantly increased in importance over the last year. 50 percent globally and 46 percent in Africa would not work for companies that do not share their diversity and inclusion beliefs; 48 percent worldwide and 45 percent in Africa take the same stance regarding environmental policies.

An encouraging take on the future leaders in the digital realm.

If you are looking at new opportunities within Africa, whether it be as an employee or entrepreneur, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@relocationafrica.com

*January 2022 – iafrica.com

Written by Quintin Coetzee

Emigrating can be a stressful experience – not only for us, but for our pets too. It is important to ensure that the correct procedures are followed for a successful pet move, and to make sure that your special friends are taken care of throughout.

We have partnered with a local pet moving company, PETport, who have provided us with some information about the pet moving process, and the top pet-related things to consider when emigrating. Read our interview with PETport owner Hazel below for some helpful tips.

What are the most important things to consider during the process of moving your pet overseas?

It is important to ensure that pet vaccinations and microchipping are done. Afterwards, the process of doing blood tests and permits, as appropriate for the country of destination, can begin.

Are there any circumstances when you would advise someone not to take their pet with them?

Each pet and family is very different. If a pet is unwell, and fails the health certificate, moving it is not advisable. Animals can have differing side effects at altitude if there are underlying health conditions. PETport has successfully flown animals up to 23 years old, so older animals can be relocated successfully.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional pet moving company to assist with the move?

Doing so is highly recommended. The company will ensure that your vaccinations, microchipping, and any necessary blood tests have been carried out at the correct time, in accordance with export and import procedures, specific to your destination country.

If dates are missed at blood testing, the test may be considered null and void, and the entire export process must begin again. A professional pet moving company ensures that the whole process is tied together, managed to arrival at airport, and at the other side – door to door. All that the owner needs to be concerned with is having the correct documentation, and following the clearly laid out instructions provided by the pet shipper.

What are things to look for when deciding which pet moving company to use?

IPATA registration and accreditation is important, as this indicates a set of standards and ethics within your chosen pet shipping company. A red light to mark bad companies is quotes for crates that are too small. Air freight is measured in volumetric kilograms, so some companies quote for smaller crates to make their prices more attractive. Using a crate that is too small will make for a very uncomfortable journey for your pet. All pets need to travel in an airplane’s cargo hold, other than service animals, which, on approval, can sit in an airplane’s cabin.

What are the common requirements (documentation, medical, etc.) for taking your pet overseas?

Blood tests, vaccinations, and microchipping are all common, as is a health certificate, issued by your local vet. As part of its service, a pet moving company will prepare the documentation, and ensure that it’s up to date and correct. There are often issues where vets don’t know about the requirements for the process, and a pet moving company, which monitors the industry, could inform vets as to what is required in order to provide owners with a smooth transition overseas.

What can you do to make the transition for the pet as easy as possible (stress-wise)?

  • Keep calm, and try not to transfer any stress you may have onto your pet.
  • Keep your pet’s routines as normal as possible.
  • Put an old t-shirt with your scent in the pet’s crate.
  • If your packing process is hectic and you are stressed, it may be a good idea to move your pet to a boarding facility.Doing so assists with keeping the pet’s routine, allowing them to remain calm.Boarding kennels will also assist with crate training your pet prior to travel, which may make the journey easier for your pet.

Do you have any recommendations for familiarizing a pet with a new home?

  • Establish your pet’s routine in the new space as soon as possible.
  • Bring elements of the old routine into the new home.
  • Put pet beds, an old t-shirt, toys, bowls, etc. down as soon as possible.
  • Don’t make a fuss – let your pet explore and find their spaces.
  • Some pets like bathing with familiar shampoos for bonding.

Dogs generally acclimatise quicker than cats. Cats may ignore their owner for a few days, but soon settle into their new homes.Cat’s homes must have windows and doors closed until the cat has adjusted to their new surroundings.

About PETport:

PETport is a registered company. Its owner, Hazel Imrie, is a member of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transport Association), and represents the Middle East and Africa region as a board member. PETport deals mainly with dogs, cats, and birds, but does transport some wild animals. The company does not do relocations for animals used for breeding farms, food, etc.

Following its code of ethics, PETport has markers that it uses to identify suspicious business opportunities, and rejects business when it feels the need, in keeping with its standards and vision. For more information about PETport and its services, visit: www.petport.co.za.

About Relocation Africa:

Relocation Africa Group is Africa’s premier Relocation and Immigration Service provider. With over 20 years of experience, and operations in 48 countries across the continent, Relocation Africa has the expertise to assist you with your mobility, immigration, research, and remuneration needs.

For more information, visit: www.relocationafrica.com, or email marketing@relocationafrica.com.