UberEverything Coming To Africa By End of 2016

San-Francisco-based Uber Technologies plans to introduce UberEverything, a division of the company that leverage on its drivers network into the on-demand economy and provide services such as product and food delivery and courier services.

The taxi-hailing company plans to introduce UberEverthing, that will include UberRush (a personal courier service) and UberEat ( a food  delivery service), in South Africa by the end of the year, Quartz Africa reported.

“The first market will probably be South Africa and we are pushing to make that happen before the end of the year,” said Alon Lits, Uber’s general manager for sub-Saharan Africa.

“If things go well in South Africa, there’s no reason why we won’t bring UberEverything to more markets,” he added.

Last week, Uber launched its taxi-hailing service in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, meeting its expansion target for 2016 and bringing the countries it operates in on the continent to eight. These include South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya. Egypt, Morocco, Uganda and Ghana.

UberRusha and UberEat will ride on top of the network created by uber drivers in cities in these countries.

Globally, the $60 billion tech company has already made strides with UberEverything, with bicycle couriers and drivers shuttling food and other small packages around the city like New York for about $5 to $7, Inc. reported.

The tech startup also sold football tickets for “the most hopeless team@ in the U.S. National Football Legue, the Jacksonville Jaguars, in what was termed as a “first-of-its-kind partnership” that let Florida passengers request a ride through Uber’s app and then shop a range of last-minute tickets at specially discounted rates, Mashable reported.