Why Is China Trying To Manage African Media?

More than 300 delegates from 44 African countries are in Beijing for the Third Forum on China-Africa Media Cooperation, the goal being to deepen media cooperation and boost the development of China-Africa ties, according to Chinese government-controlled CCTV.

China and Africa should share content, said Donald Liphoko, director of South Africa’s government communication and information systems (GCIS), in a press release. The forum is meant to be a platform to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between China and Africa on media-related matters.

Liphoko spoke at the opening ceremony of the forum Tuesday in Beijing.

The forum is a place to exchange best practices, he said. There is a lot that Africa and China can learn from each other such as media policies and regulations in China and Africa.

China and Africa should exchange programs focusing on digital content for communities and small businesses as they prepare for broadband and digital broadcasting,according to Liphoko.

In December, South Africa played host to the China-Africa Media Summit in Cape Town, leading up to the current forum now underway in Beijing. China’s minister of the State Council Information Office, Jiang Jianguo, represented the Chinese government.


He said China is concerned about “the world’s unbalanced media power system,” according to a report by the Center For International Media Assistance. Jiang lamented that both China and African countries “face prejudice, misunderstandings, and stereotypes” and that “it’s very urgent for the developing countries to improve their international communication capability to create a more objective, impartial, and balanced international public opinion environment.”

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