We have Launched a New Product: The Power of Difference

DiversityIn my experience, I have managed multiple mobility programmes from a local, regional and global perspective as a service provider to large multi-national organisations. In every case, the decisions taken affect people and can directly influence the success of the business.

For this reason, Relocation Africa has designed in partnership with Contract SA a program which we believe will facilitate the commitment from the business towards the assignee/staff member who’s life is just about to be challenged and changed.  This program will give the assignee some invaluable tools on how to cope, manage and implement strategies to best utilise “The Power of Difference” that they hold to best benefit them as an individual and for the business.

In our 22 years of experience as a Global Mobility Specialist we have seen many pitfalls of relocating staff that were not equipped to handle the assignments successfully.  In identifying this we have carefully reviewed what we as a business could do to facilitate the success and experience of the assignee and the bottom line for business.

Often we get approached by business’s to facilitate a cross-cultural skills programs which generally focuses on culture, or the values and behaviours learned and shared by a particular group, (whether across countries, regions, industries, ethnic origins, organisations etc) – their “Cultural Profile”, learning about a countries, history, values, and cultural “assumptions” (like how Japanese workers are less direct than Germans) or differences in values (like how Americans have more individualistic values than those in China).  It may have even focused on differences in etiquette – like how in the US you can write on the back of a business card, but in Japan, that would be a taboo. 

Knowing the difference can be quiet useful.  It can give you a sense of how you’re supposed to act in a foreign setting, especially when you have no idea where to start. It can also help you understand why others from a different culture behave as they do. But in my experience, the mistake many companies make is thinking that knowing cultural differences is enough — that discovering the key differences is all you need to master to be effective across cultures.

If the problem your employees face is that they simply don’t understand cultural differences, a solution focused on defining cultural differences makes all the sense in the world. But if, like in most instances, the real problem is that your employees can’t adapt and integrate their behaviour across cultures, these solutions focused simply on differences likely won’t give you the bang for your buck that you’re expecting.

Most employees are sent on assignment due to their Technical competence and as HR practitioners you know that this is certainly not going to make for a successful assignment as only 18% of their skill required to make a successful assignment is their technical ability.  Adaptation makes up 16%  and 66% is the  ability to integrate that makes a SUCCESSFUL ASSIGNMENT.  

The Power of Differnce Workshop/Introduction to Diversity, participants get introduced to the fundamentals of diversity management, learn and practice intercultural skills, and how to deal with differences constructively.

The power of my Host Nation

This part provides information on the country and city the expat is moving to. This includes history, geography, language, tourism attractions, cuisine, communication, transport, education, medical facilities, social and business norms, safety and security and practical contact information. Candidates will receive a visual presentation of expat-popular residential areas and housing options including rental and cost of living information.

Being powerful in my host nation

Here we deal with culture shock and tapping into personal power. Candidates get to understand the dynamics of culture shock, and identify it as a means of positive personal growth. An effective tool that shows candidates how to tap into the power of difference completes the three parts of the day.

Interactive and experiential methods make this an engaging and effective workshop that sets candidates up for success; and an action plan equips them with steps for a powerful assignment.

This workshop can be tailored to suit individual / team/ family needs.  Please contact us for pricing on tailored options – info@relocationafrica.com