Zimbabwe: Expel All Chinese Nationals, Says Biti’s PDP Party

ZIMBABWE must, immediately, kick out all Chinese nationals, the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) said Monday.zimbabwe_2272383b

The opposition party accused Beijing of blatantly pillaging the economically crippled country.

Little of the mega-deals promised by Beijing have materialised but the Chinese have externalised billions of dollars from Zimbabwe, leaving behind a collapsed economy with millions of locals unemployed.

“The PDP calls on all Zimbabweans and other international stakeholders to come together and call for the Chinese to exit our country immediately,” said Willias Madzimure, PDP Secretary for International Relations.

“They (Chinese nationals) have contributed nothing of value except to aid a corrupt and repressive political system while looting away our national resources.”

President Robert Mugabe, a former darling of the West knighted by the British Crown, pivoted towards China after western capitals shut their doors on him; displeased with his violent rule and electoral chicanery – so they charged.