5 reasons why raising children overseas is great!

a child with a globe and a sunset

Expat child benefits

Understandably, the idea of uprooting your family from their home and moving them half way across the world can be incredibly daunting – and that’s on top of the stresses involved in moving home in the first place.

It’s easy to assume that expatriate children will resent their parents for taking them away from familiar surroundings, and perhaps find it impossible to adjust to new surroundings. In reality, expats generally find that their children adjust quicker than they’d hoped, or at least find it easier over time. And the benefits of moving can drastically outweigh the possible hurdles your family might face along the way. Don’t dismiss the chance of a more fulfilling and advantageous life for your children before you consider the undeniable benefits of an expatriate lifestyle.

Your children will experience more of the world
Thousands of young adults choose to take a gap year and travel the world as a break from education, or more importantly to broaden their horizons and experience the world beyond their home-cities. Traveling gives people a hands-on learning experience of the world they live in. It also teaches us a great deal about our limitations, our passions and ourselves. Additionally, employers are paying increasing attention to ‘well-travelled’ job applicants with global experience.