Around Africa This Past Week (10/04/2016)

In a case akin to a horror film storyline, a headless child was born this week in Zimbabwe’s Masvingo General Hospital.
Uganda’s only radiotherapy machine breaks down

Uganda’s only radiotherapy machine used for treating cancer is broken beyond repair. Mulago Hospital, the country’s main is now looking for $1.8 million to buy a new machine as thousands of patients have been left in the cold. The machine in Uganda was donated in 1995 and had been successfully repaired in the past. This time efforts to fix it failed. The unit is said to receive 44,000 new referrals from Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi as well as South Sudan. Almost 75 percent of these people need radiotherapy. Radiotherapy treatment targets and kills cancerous cells in a specific part of the body using radiation.

Congo Brazzaville Opposition leader, Jean-Marie Mokoko running scared