‘Dead’ voter must approach Home Affairs – IEC

Durban – The 75-year-old voter who was turned away from the voting station at George Campbell Technical School in Durban on Wednesday morning after the system reflected that he was deceased, must urgently approach the Department of Home Affairs, the IEC said.

“It is the Department of Home Affairs that is custodian of [the] population register. [The] Electoral Commission checks voters against the population register,” IEC deputy CEO Dr Nomsa Masuku said.

Friedrich Roggenkamp had registered to vote on the last registration weekend at the same station and has voted several times.

“I can’t vote because I’m dead… they think I’m dead,” he told News24 earlier.

“I have always voted, look at all my stickers,” he said, pointing to other registration marks in his ID book.

Roggenkamp said that, come the next elections, he would probably not vote and intended returning to his home country of Germany, after living in South Africa for almost 30 years.