Lesotho Special Permits: SA Home Affairs eases requirements to legalise more Basotho

Cape Town – The  South African Department of Home Affairs is doing everything in their power to legalise Lesotho nationals’ stays in South Africa.

In an effort to push up the number of applicants for the Lesotho Special Permit (LSP) and create a one-stop shop to save applicants’ time, the DHA on Tuesday, 27 September, announced a new special provision that allows Basotho to apply for the Lesotho Special Permit, at the VFS Global-operated application centres, without passports.

Previously, one of the requirements for Lesotho nationals to gain permission to stay in SA legally was to have a valid passport or travel document with a unique Lesotho identity (ID) number. The previous requirement further stated that the passport be valid for a period of more than four years.