Chinese migrants in Africa confront new challenges as economy worsens

chinesemigrantsThousands of Chinese migrants who settled in Africa over the past ten years now face mounting uncertainty as economic growth slows across the continent and back home in China. While there are no reliable estimates as to how many Chinese migrants there are in Africa, experts believe the population to be somewhere between one and two million people.
The Chinese expatriate and immigrant communities in Africa are extremely diverse, and for a certain slice of that community the new, grim economic realities pose real challenges. Many are either too poor or too financially invested in Africa to go anywhere else.
Dr. Yoon June Park is one of the world’s leading experts on Chinese migration in Africa. Dr. Park is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the African studies department at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. She joins Eric & Cobus to discuss what impact the slowing global economy will have on China’s migrant population in Africa.

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Ethiopia Launches First Air Ambulance Transport Service

etheopiaEast African Aviation, a private company, has launched Ethiopia’s first ambulance transportation service.
The company is owned by Capt. Mulat Lemlemayehu, a former commercial pilot at the Ethiopian airlines who also owns an aviation school and air charter service.
It’s the first air ambulance service in Ethiopia with aircraft equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and licensed, medically trained personnel to provide air transportation for those requiring prompt medical attention in East Africa.
“With the state-of-the-art medical equipment fitted in the air ambulance, we specialize in transporting patients with the same level of care that would be expected from a hospital ICU,” Lemlemayehu said. “Air ambulance has been nonexistent in our country.”
Ethiopia has more than 90 million people, a tourist hub in the region and Addis Ababa is the diplomatic capital of Africa with a large international community, he said.
He told reporters that East African Aviation has a team pilots who have served Ethiopian Airlines for years.
Lemlemayehu founded the company after working for Ethiopian Airlines as a commercial pilot for 39 years

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A First For Africa: Solar-Powered Airport

150226GeorgeAirport-png-620x350George Airport in South Africa’s Western Cape Province today became Africa’s first and only regional airport powered with an energy mix that includes solar, according to a prepared statement by the state-owned airport management company that operates it.
Airports Company South Africa is a state-owned company accountable to South Africa’s Minister of Transport. It manages nine airports in South Africa.
The 200-square-meter solar power plant was launched today on the grounds of George Airport. Construction took six months to complete at a cost of 16 million rand ($995,000).
The first phase will supply 41 percent of the airport’s current energy demand. The balance of energy will be drawn from the national grid with supply capacity steadily increased according to demand. The plant is designed to deliver 750 kilowatts of power to the airport once complete.
Photovoltaic technology generates electricity from solar radiation. The use of renewable energy is in line with the Airports Company South Africa’s sustainability goals, the company said. The company wants to reduce its reliance on the national power grid.

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African Investors Show Appetite For South Africa’s Property Market

land-property-rights-621x350Investors from other African countries continue to show a strong appetite for residential property in South Africa, particularly in Gauteng province.
They are from across the continent with most frequent investors originating from Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Uganda, Gabon, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Congo and Mozambique.
According to Dr Andrew Golding, Pam Golding Properties Chief Executive Officer, foreign investment in residential property in South Africa continues to be encouraged by the perceived weakness in the currency which ensures that foreign buyers, and buyers from the African continent in particular, are able to achieve excellent value for money in South Africa.
“From a Gauteng perspective, Pam Golding Properties continues to conclude transactions to foreign investors, particularly in the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria regions. African buyers in particular continue to show an appetite for local residential property and are making up an increasing proportion of the foreign buyers in South Africa.”

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Plans to grow Cape air access

capeairCape Town – Cape Town Air Access was officially launched this week.

According to the Western Cape’s official tourism, trade and investment promotion agency Wesgro, the launch will establish Cape Town Air Access as the focal point for international air route development in the Western Cape.

This is because air access is regarded as an important aspect of investment growth in the Western Cape.

It involves the collaboration between the Western Cape provincial government, the City of Cape Town, Airports Company South Africa (Acsa), Cape Town Tourism, Wesgro and the private sector.

The primary mandate of the air access team is to promote, develop and maintain air routes into and out of Cape Town International Airport. Ensuring the success of existing routes, increasing frequencies and capacity, and the establishment of new routes form part of the mandate. The team will also facilitate the establishment and initial feasibility study of potential new routes.

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