Zambia’s Xenophobic Riots Fueled by Challenging Economic Situation

A wave of xenophobic attacks has hit Zambia following claims that foreigners had killed six locals for rituals aimed at growing businesses. The government is acting fast to control the situation before it gets out of hand.zambia xenophobia
More than 60 foreign-owned shops in Lusaka, Zambian capital, have been looted following the riots which have since spread to nine poor neighborhoods.

The riots started on Monday, after rumors that Rwandans were behind recent ritual killings in Lusaka.

The Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila reportedly said that the two were Zambian nationals killed “in the confusion”.

Many Zambians have described the attacks as the worst xenophobic violence in the country.

Already, more than 250 people have been arrested after the two days of violence and looting.

Since March, six people have been murdered in mysterious circumstances and their body parts removed. People hold the notions that the body parts would be used as charms to guarantee success in business.